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Model Train Gifts by Price


Model trains can be expensive, but there is something for train lovers in every price range. If you think beyond locomotives and train cars, you're sure to find some creative ideas in some common places.

If you need help refining your search for a specific gift, take a look at these tips.

1. $1 to $10

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Good things come in small packages. You can find great train gifts for just a few dollars. Check your local hobby shops, art and home supply stores. Great as stocking-stuffers, or create a gift-basket assortment.

Small Accessories: figures, scenic materials, details, replacement wheels / couplers

Small Tools: hobby knives, paint brushes, adhesives, pliers, screwdrivers, paints


2. $11 to $25

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You'll find an almost unlimited range of ideas in this price range in most scales including generic items with universal appeal.

Freight Car

Small Building Kit

How-to Book

Track Pieces

DCC Decoder (As with most electronics, get specific details to ensure compatibility.)

3. $26 to $50

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Keep the modeler's personality and tastes in mind when looking in this price range. You'll find lots of items for specific railroads, eras and styles.

Freight or Passenger Car(s)


Book / DVD

Historical Society / Train Club Membership

Power Tools: cordless drill, jigsaw

4. $51 to $100

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You'll find lots of good high-end products in this range.

Freight or Passenger Car(s)



Operating Accessories


Magazine Supscription

Power tools: air brush, multi-purpose tool, circular saw

5. $100 +

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For big gifts it is a good idea to know your modeler's tastes and needs before making a costly investment. Bigger trains generally cost more than smaller scales, but size isn't the only sign of quality.


Train Set

Power Supply / Control System

6. Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are always a safe option if you just don't know what your modeler needs or wants. If there isn't a store near you, look online at one of these establishments.

Hobby shops

Hardware / Home Supply

Art Supply / Crafts

Photography / Camera


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