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Märklin GmbH Takes Over LGB:

Manufacturing of LGB model railroad trains was taken over in 2008 by German manufacturer Märklin. American subsidiary and distributor of LGB's G scale trains LGB of America is now out of business as far as I have been able to ascertain. As of July 2008 Märklin's official statement regarding LGB is, "Märklin hopes to be distributing garden railway equipment in North America by the end of 2008."


LGB stands for "Lehmann Gross Bahn", German for "Lehmann’s Big Train." LGB was established in Germany in 1881, and were the originators of G scale model railroading in 1968. In 1984 LGB introduced its first G scale model of an American prototype, a 2-6-0 Mogul class locomotive; this created a demand for G scale in North America. To serve its American customers, in 1987 LGB opened its American subsidiary, LGB of America.
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