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Layout Construction

Constructing a model railroad layout is actually a fine art. It comprises sculpting, model building, painting, and even some electronic engineering. When modeling a real location, photography plays a big part in the preparation. Before construction begins, track layouts are designed using templates or specialized CAD programs on a computer. Computer graphics may be used to create miniature billboards and signs. Oh... and most serious modelers make their own decals too.
  1. Benchwork (30)
  2. Electronics & DCC (49)
  3. Layout Sites (15)
  4. Modular Standards (8)
  5. Planning (19)
  6. Scenery (45)
  7. Track (40)

Build a Classification Yard
Build a yard to classify freight like the prototype step by step.

Model Trains Toolbox
Building a model train layout takes time, patience and tools. You may already have many of the essentials in your home toolbox already. Although this toolbox is divided by major construction catagories to make your search easier, you will notice a lot of overlap. You can build a very functional modeling toolbox on a budget. So gather your...

60 Minute Model Railroading
It's amazing what you can accomplish in just an hour - here are a few projects you can complete in 60 minutes or less.

Model Trains Tools - Favorite Model Trains Tools
User contributions - What are your favorite tools?

E-Z Model Railroads
Bachmann's track planning book for their HO Scale integrated roadbed model railroad E-Z Track System.

Assembling Your First Train Set
five steps to assembling a starter model train set

Building Your Model Railroad
Greg Warth's tutorial site.

Dr. Joern Pachl's Model Railway Pages
Noted German railroad authority, university professor, and author Dr. Joern Pachl built these pages about his German and American prototype model railway layouts. Pages include track plans, equipment rosters, and photographs.

Model Railroad Projects and Techniques
Learn the techniques and to complete a model railroad project from start to "its almost finished."

Mt. Albert Scale Lumber
Specializes in manufacturing scale lumber and kits for model makers.

Scale Modeler's Handbook
A variety of resources for scale modelers.

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