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Collecting Model Railroad Trains

Collecting model railroad trains is very different from modeling or operations. Operators buy model trains, put them out on their layout and run and frequently customize store bought trains. Collectors buy model railroad trains and display them on shelves or put them away. They may take them out to look at, but they seldom if ever run them. Models are acquired for collectible value rather than operational qualities.

Designing an Inventory for Your Model Trains
Set up and maintain an inventory for your model train collection.

Appraising Model Trains
What's my old train worth? Learn where to find the answers to this common question.

What's Your Model Railroading Personality?
There are different approaches to the hobby of model railroading. What's yours?

Buying and Selling Model Railroad Trains
All model railroaders buy trains. Sometimes they decide that a train doesn't fit with their layout plans anymore and want to sell it. Here's some thoughts on how to buy and sell your trains.

Lionel Girls' Model Train Set
A marketing debacle in the late 1950s, the Lionel Girls' Model Train Set is a sought-after collectors item today.

How to Tell if You're a Model Train Addict
Here are some signs of Model Railroad Addiction. If you know others, please post them in our Open Forum.

BTTB TT Scale Starter Set
A look at the 1980s vintage Berliner TT-Bahnen U.S.A. Starter Set

Train Collectors Association - TCA
One of the world's largest associations of model railroad train collectors.

World's Greatest Hobby
The "World's Greatest Hobby" website is full of great ideas for beginners along with the show schedule.

Collectable Model Trains and Villages
Hawthorne Village site offers both trains and villages.

Choosing and Buying Narrow Gauge Models
The relative high cost of narrow gauge models can be intimidating to a beginner, but does cost determine value? Get background on narrow gauge models for those thinking about getting started in model railroading.

Model Train Manufacturer Index
Alphabetical Index of Model Train Manufacturers

Model Train Manufacturers - B
Index of Model Train Manufacturers - B

Model Train Manufacturers - A
Index of Model Train Manufacturers - A

Fox Valley Models
Profile of Bachmann Spectrum's model trains.

Bachmann Spectrum Model Trains
Profile of Bachmann Spectrum's model trains.

American Flyer Model Trains
Profile of A-Line model trains.

A-Line Model Trains
Profile of A-Line model trains.

Aristo Craft Model Trains
Profile of Aristo Craft model trains.

Athearn Model Trains
Profile of Athearn model trains.

Selling Model Trains
Tips for selling used model trains.

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