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Readers Respond: Sharing the Joy of Trains.

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It is easy to enjoy model railroading by yourself, but even more fun when the trains become part of a larger social gathering. From parents and children to model train clubs to operating sessions and national conventions, cooperation is essential for both our personal growth and that of the hobby itself. National Train Day is right around the corner on May 8 and there will be opportunities to get together all across the country. Help inspire others to get on board by sharing a story of what you've done to spread the pleasures of model trains to others, or tell us about the people who fostered your love of trains. What is Your Favorite?


I share the joy of model train in translating documents from English to French and making them available on a website, sometimes on YouTube. It takes a lot of time, but I consider it part of the hobby. DCS or DCC are easier to understand in our own language. I love answering questions from beginners in the field in order to avoid making costly mistakes.
—Guest Rene

Sharing Hobby

I started a web site to share my hobby. www.HeritageValleyRailroad.com It seems to be working. Because of the style and presentation (I hope) word of mouth has spread so that in just a few months we have been visited by from EVERY state, all but 4 Canadian Provinces and 69 of the 249 countries around the world. Check out the counter on the home page. Our kid's page has brought a lot of comments. I believe that you have to keep it fun and not as serious as most make it. Check out "The Build" page to see my attitude. My wife and I are retired and brand new at this. We never got involved as kids or anything. I really think promoting fun is a better way to grow this great hobby, then making it complicated and scaring uninitiated people away. Please help share our website. Thanks, Pops
—Guest Pops

Using LEDs

LED lights are an easy way to add sparkle to your layout. Adding a 560 ohm resistor in series will allow an LED to work with 12 volt supply. There are two (2) on-line resources to get the values of resistors. (1) elecronics2000.co.uk and (2) digikey.com/us/en/mkt/4-band-resistor.
—Guest Ben Zalewski

What is Your Favorite?

Sharing the Joy of Trains.

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