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Kitbashing an RTTX Flatcar


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Removing the Lettering
lettering removed

Remove the old reporting marks and numbers. Where new decals will be applied, only remove enough to prevent the old data from showing through.

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Starting with decorated models will make this job much easier. Begin by removing any lettering not needed. There are several differences in lettering between the two cars when looking at one side. Both sides of the overall car are the same. No two RTTX flats are exactly the same, so use photos of the car you are modeling.

Arange the two cars with the handbrakes at opposite ends. Remove the following from both sides of each car:

  • Black box with reporting marks and number
  • Car class
  • "Tripple 28/Twin 45"

On the right car only (or the side with a handbrake) remove the following:

  • TTX logo

Some of this lettering will be covered with the new reporting mark and roadnumber boxes. You do not need to comletely erase what will be covered.

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