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Kitbashing and Scratchbuilding Model Railroad Trains

Resources and links for those who build their own model railroad trains.

Cutting Styrene Plastic
Tips for cutting styrene plastic to build models.

Alkem Scale Models
Kits and detail parts in HO and N scale.

BLMA Models
HO, N and Z scale details.

Hollywood Foundry
Austrailian supplier of powered chassis and trucks ("bogies" to UK and Austrailian modelers), motors, flywheels, and other motive-related parts for scratchbuilding locomotives.

JnJ Trains
JnJ offers an excellent selection of N scale locomotive shells, railcar kits, and details.

Micro Loco Motion
This supplier of motors and gearheads is known to railroad modelers as "the motorman".

Mountaineer Precision Products
Structures in N, HO, S, and O scale.

Supplies for N scale kitbashers and scratchbuilders.

Northwest Short Line (NWSL)
Specialty products for precision miniature mechanisms and power drives.

Plaza Japan
Source for Kato and Tomix motorized N scale chassis.

Randgust Home Terminal
Home of Randy Gustafson's N scale kits

Worsley Works
UK manufacturer of etched brass kits in most scales, including exotic and narrow gauge.

Kitbash a Simple Bridge
Two inexpensive bridge kits can be modified and combined into a distinctive new structure for your model railroad.

Making Rolled Paper Loads
Rolled paper loads are common in boxcars today and easy to model in many scales.

Choosing and Buying Narrow Gauge Models
The relative high cost of narrow gauge models can be intimidating to a beginner, but does cost determine value? Get background on narrow gauge models for those thinking about getting started in model railroading.

Add Working Lights to an Oil Loading Platform
Add working lights to a Walthers oil loading platform or similar kits.

Modeling Modern Security Lights
Scratchbuild modern security lighting for building models.

RTTX Flatcar Model Trains Kitbash Project
RTTX Flatcar Model Trains Kitbash Project Step by Step

Kit Assembly Basics for Model Trains
Kit Assembly Basics for Model Trains

Building Model Train Kits
Building simple model train kits.

Scratchbuilding a Coal Shed - Building the Main Structure
Step by step instructions for building a model coal unloading shed from styrene from scratch.

Painting and Detailing a Coal Shed
Painting, lighting and finishing the scratchbuilt HO scale coal unloading shed.

Scratchbuilding a Coal Shed - Building the Foundation
Building a foundation for a model of a coal unloading shed at a power plant.

Scratchbuilding a Coal Shed - An Introduction to Modeling from the Prototype
Scratchbuilding a model of a coal unloading station from minimal references.

Scratchbuild a Model Coal Shed
Scratchbuild a model of a coal unloading shed for a model railroad.

Extreme Weathering on a Conrail Gondola
Simple weathering techniques that can age a Tangent Scale Models Gondola, or similar cars.

Making Scale Pipe
Easy ways to make your own scale pipes for scenic details or freight car loads.

Building Model Kits
Model railroad kits come in a great variety of materials. Learn the basics to building a quality model out of any of them.

Assembling Resin Kits
Tips for assembling resin model kits.

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