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Model Railroad Clubs and Organizations

Many model railroaders belong to organizations like the NMRA, as well as local clubs where they can run their trains with friends. To make their models accurate, modelers research railroad history. Real-life railroad organizations and rail-fan groups are invaluable resources to serious modelers.
  1. Local Regional Clubs (18)
  2. Model Railroad Museums (20)
  3. Online Forums (19)
  4. Walt Disney & Co. (9)

National Train Day Events
National Train Day is May 8. With programs nationwide, there are lots of opportunities to share your love of trains.

Manufacturer Reviews
central page for links to manufacturer profile pages on Model Railoading.about.com

Atlas' Product Lines
Description of product lines offered by Atlas Model Railroad Co.

Atlas Model Railroad Company
Manufacturer Profile of Atlas Model Railroad Company

Manufacture Profile
Whether you are just getting started in model railroading, an avid collector, or building the layout of your dreams, Atlas has something you need. While many companies excel at specializing in one scale or product line, Atlas offers complete lines in N, HO and O scales from track planning software to locomotives to buildings.

National Model Railroad Association (NMRA)
The National Model Railroad Association sets standards for the model railroading industry in the United States.

European Union of Model Railroad and Railroad Friends (MOROP)
The European Union of Model Railroad and Railroad Friends (MOROP) sets standards for the model railroading industry in Europe. The federation is based in in Berne, Switzerland.

Teen Association of Model Railroaders (TAMR)
A national organization in the United States for teenage model railroaders.

The Anaheim Special: National Train Show 2008
The 2008 National Train Show, the Anaheim Special; a day well spent.

Anaheim Special Image Gallery
A gallery of layout and module photos from the 2008 National Train Show, The Anaheim Special.

Cyberspace World Railroad (CWRR)
This site asserts that it is the he oldest continually running railroad site on the web, dating back to 1994.

Taking a Vacation with Your Model Trains
Tips for taking your model railroading hobby on vacation.

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