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Installing Uncoupling Magnets


Once the location is chosen, installation is straight forward.
Magnet Installation

Simply cut a hole in the roadbed the size of the magnet and insert. Adhesive on the top of the magnet helps hold it tight to the track.

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Some magnets sit above the ties, others are designed to be hidden below. Both work well. Above-track magnets are easier to find but harder to disguise. Below-track magnets don’t mar the finished scene but how will your operators know they are there?

The magnet used for this installation is made by Bachmann Trains. These magnets are designed to fit under the firm’s line of integrated roadbed track, but they will work on conventional track sections as well.

If you are using foam or cork roadbed, installation of these or similar products goes quickly:

  1. Trace the magnet on the roadbed.
  2. Make a hole with a hobby knife and chisel.
  3. If necessary, shim the magnet to the proper height (flush with the bottom of the ties) with cardboard or plastic shims.
  4. Use the adhesive side of the magnet to help align it to the track.
  5. Lay the track over top the magnet and test.

Below-track magnets are easiest to install as you are laying track. If your track is already in place, gently pull it up where you want the magnet and relay, or opt for an above track version.

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