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Narrow Gauge Model Railroading

Narrow gauge models are indicated by characters following the scale letter. In North America the small letter "n" indicates narrow gauge. The "n" is followed by a real life gauge value. n3 stands for 3 foot gauge. n30 or n2.5 stands for 30 inch or 2.5 foot gauge. Narrow gauge models typically use track made for standard gauge in scales one or two sizes smaller than their own.

Narrow Gauges
In the early years of real-life railroading there were many "narrow gauge" railroads that used track spaced at 3 feet (1 yard). True-to-scale narrow gauge modeling is a specialized area of model railroading.

HOn30 Home Depot
HOn30, or HOn2½, models 30 inch gauge (two-and-a-half foot gauge) in HO 1:87.1 scale on 9mm (N gauge) track.

Information and resources for Nn3 modeling.

New Mexico HOn3 Narrow Gauge Modular Club
HOn3 group in the Alburquerque, NM area.

Slim Gauge Guild
The Slim Gauge Guild specializes in Sn3 and HOn3 Modeling.

On30 Modeler
On30 Narrow Gauge modeling resources.

Diamond Springs & Western Railroad
A excellent site by a freelance modeler working in HOn3 and HOn30 gauges. Includes some very nice small space track plans

OO9 Society
This UK based OO scale narrow gauge modeling organization, which uses 9mm (N scale) gauge track, proclaims itself "the world's largest small scale narrow gauge modelling group".

Diamond Valley Lines
Fred Gill's HOn3 layout. Check out the incredible image galleries of his layout and his "critters".

Republic Locomotive Works
Nn3 dealer, offering rolling stock mostly in kit form.

Nigel Lawton 009 - Industrial Rolling Stock in 009/HOn30/HOe
UK modeler Nigel Lawton's site with resources for 009, HOn30, and HOe items.

Narrow Gauge Micro Layouts
A series of nicely done layouts in narrow gauges.

009 County Gate - Lynton & Barnstaple Exhibition Model Railway
An impressive OO9 layout.

Blackstone Models HOn3 K-27
Product review of Blackstone Models HOn3 K-27 steam locomotive.

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