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Model Train Basics

Model railroad trains are what it's all about. Here you'll find all the basics to get you started and then some!
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Getting Started in Model Railroading
Essential tips for getting started in the hobby of model railroading.

Model Railroading 101
Thinking about building a model railroad? Here's what you need to do before spending your hard earned money.

Tips on buying and selling model railroad trains for your collection or as gifts.

Model Train Gifts by Price
If you need some help picking a specific gift, take a look at these tips.

Model Train Gift Guide
Model railroaders can be hard to shop for. For most of us, our model trains aren’t just a hobby but an extension of our personality. Yet to an outsider, every train looks the same. Here are some tips for finding the perfect gift for that train buff in your life. Keep these tips in mind when searching for specific ideas in any price range.

Building Model Train Kits
Building simple model train kits.

Cleaning Model Trains
How to clean model trains.

Knuckle Couplers
Description of knuckle couplers available for model trains, including brief prototype history.

Fixing Low Coupler Height
How to fix a coupler that hangs too low.

Build a Display Board
Build a simple display board for model trains as a fun project or learning experience.

Covered Wagons... Diesel Style
Early diesel freight and passenger locomotives had distinctive full-width enclosed body styles, as opposed to the later "hood units". While the EMD E and F units are the ones commonly called covered wagons, there are ALCO and Baldwin units similar in design that they could be called "covered wagon" locomotives too.

Designing an Inventory for Your Model Trains
Set up and maintain an inventory for your model train collection.

Choosing the Right Train Set
Tips for finding the perfect train set to adorn your Christmas display, give to a young railroader, or get started on the hobby of a lifetime.

Model Railroader Magazine
Widely read magazine on model railroading topics.

Model Trains Video
Joe Fugate provides a forum and sells his "how-to" videos on this site.

Maintaining Model Trains
Common maintenance and repair tips and techniques.

Popular Modeling Eras
An overview of different railroading eras and the advantages and challenges of modeling each.

How to Find a Quality Model Train
Things to look for when choosing a quality model train set for the first time.

Index of Model Train Set Manufacturers
List of model train manufacturers offering complete sets in various scales.

Index of Japanese Railway Modeling
An good overview of Japanese Railway Modeling, with links to all aspects of Japanese model railroading.

What Is the Best Model Train Scale?
What scale, or size, of model trains is best?

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