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Narrowing Woodland Scenics Incline Foam


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Woodland Scenics' foam inclines are the best way to add track grading to your model railroad layout. However, the grade pieces come in only one width, which is fine for HO scale track and trains. But when you're building a very small layout such as the N Scale Winter Wonderland your trains are going to need to climb narrower ridges. To make them you'll need to cut your inclines in half.

The Winter Wonderland layout I'm going to be building uses 4% inclines, but this technique will work with any of the Woodland Scenics inclines. The Woodland Scenics Incline Starter sets contain four (4) inclines. For the Winter Wonderland project you will only need to use two (2) of them.

Though being used for N scale track in the Winter Wonderland project, a Woodland Scenics incline cut in half is still wide enough for TT scale (12mm gauge) track and trains. Once you have narrowed your grades you need to be careful to leave enough clearance on each side for your trains to operate properly. It is probably possible to cut Woodland Scenics inclines into thirds for narrow Z scale grades using these techniques, but I haven't tried this yet.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Woodland Scenics and have not received anything from them for mentioning their products in this article. I cite their products because I know of no alternative products from other manufacturers made to serve the same purposes as the Woodland Scenics products mentioned here. If you know of alternative products or materials that can be used in this project please post them in the "Layout Design and Build" section of our forum.
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