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Changing Road Numbers


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Changing Numbers
change number materials

Chances are good you already have almost everything you need to change numbers in your toolbox.

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Road numbers are railroads' way of tracking their equipment. Every locomotive, and car owned by a company carries a unique number.

Many manufacturers now offer models in multiple numbers. But what if you want more than they offer? Or maybe you want to model a specific car or locomotive. Or maybe you just want your cars to have different numbers than everyone else at your train club.

Changing the numbers on your models is actually very easy. You can start with a decorated car and just change the number; a much easier job than painting the entire car. First gather the tools and materials you'll need:

  1. Decal setting solution
  2. Pencil with a clean eraser
  3. Hobby knife
  4. Decals or Dry Transfers

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