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Gluing Scenery for Model Train Layouts and Dioramas


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Adding the Ground Cover
ground cover

Ground cover is sprinkled over the layout after spreading a thin layer of white glue.

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You can sprinkle the ground cover of your choice directly on the platform or scenic base, but to keep things in place better for the adhesive to come, it is sometimes helpful to spread a thin layer of full-strength white glue anywhere you want the scenic materials to stick.

This glue base is espescially helpful if you are working around rocks, track or anything else that you want to avoid getting coated with ground cover. Simply squirt the glue out of the bottle and spread it around with your fingers or a disposable brush.

With the glue in place, sprinkle the ground cover around the scene to your liking. You can mix and match colors and textures to get an unlimited number of looks. You can apply the material in as thin or thick a layer as you desire, and you can always come back and add additional layers, colors and more later.

You can use shaker bottles, spoons or just your fingers to sprinkle on the ground cover. For steep slopes, apply white glue and then pour the material on a piece of paper or cardstock. Cup the paper and gently blow the scenic cover onto the landscape.

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