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Detail the Interior of a Boxcar


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Detailing the Interior of a Boxcar
prototype boxcar

Open doors reveal an empty yet very messy boxcar. From the debris left behind it would appear this car is in paper service. Little details like this make models more interesting.

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We spend lots of time and attention on the outside of our models. And flatcars and gondolas are usually the first things we think of when it comes to interesting loads. But the ordinary boxcar is not without appeal or potential.

If you've spent time watching trains, you've probably seen a few cars roll past with the doors wide open. Sometimes you'll catch a glimpse of an interesting load inside. More often, the car is empty.

Even an empty car can add interest and variety to a passing train however.

There are many models available in just about every scale that have operating or positionable doors. So select an appropriate model and let's get started.

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