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Assembling Etched Metal Model Kits


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Assembling Etched Metal Kits - Getting Started
BLMA kit

BLMA is known for high quality detail kits like these HO scale air conditioners. And they make a great starting point for learning to work with etched metal kits.

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Etched metal kits are becoming an increasingly popular medium for modeling. Like laser-cut wood and paper kits, new technology has restored life to some classic modeling materials. Etched metal is the perfect medium for kits large and small, from detail parts to structure kits. Signal bridges, fire escapes, and other spindly metal structures are ideal prototypes for etched metal.

Metal kits allow stronger and more prototypical models of many of these prototypes than is possible with plastic. Although most modelers are more familiar working with plastic, metal kits can be a refreshing break and the techniques are not difficult to master.

Tools of the Trade

Most of the tools you'll need for building metal kits are probably already in your toolbox. Although each kit is different, a sharp hobby knife, tweezers, squares, clamps and jigs, CA glue and a soldering iron will handle almost every project.

When learning new skills, it is always a good idea to start with something simple. To learn the basics of working with etched metal, follow along with this basic project. These air conditioning units are made by BLMA models. This kit includes parts for twelve airconditioners, each with its own unique details. They make great additions to structures, and assembly takes only a few minutes.

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