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Modeling an Interior for a Grocery Store


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Adding an Interior to a Model Grocery Store
grocery store interior

The interior of this small town grocery store is well stocked. A mixture of commercial parts are blended together to create a scene with enough detail to be noticed from the outside.

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Interior details, even just a few simple ones, help complete a structure and tell its story. Often, these details don't have to cost a lot or take a long time to make to have an impact on the overall look of a model. With only a few structures to build for the Rio Grande Project Layout, the extra time to add these details is well worth the effort. Although they might not be the first thing a viewer sees when looking at the layout, eventually those details catch the eye and open up a whole new look at the scene.

A small grocery or general store was and still is a fixture in most small towns in America. These little stores have become iconic and developed a following of their own. Antique advertising, packaging, even furnishings and cash registers are now highly sought by collectors as a slice of Americana. Adding those details to a model helps create a sense of time and place both outside and within the building.

To create the details for this store interior, commercial products were used along with some inexpensive extras that can be found around the house or the craft-store.

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