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Ryan  Kunkle

Class Lights

By December 4, 2012

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You may have seen models with green or white lights on the front of the locomotive. More and more models have working class lights, especially in O Gauge. But what are these lights really for, and how did the railroads use them?

class lights
Green lamps beside the smokebox indicate there where be another section following this passenger train.
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Class lights are often confused with marker lights, and many of the models on the market today don't use them the way the railroad did. Instead, the models often show green in front and red in reverse.

In reality, the green light (flags were also used) indicated that a second "extra" section of that train was following. White lights and flags indicated an extra train. These simple signals were an important part of maintaining safe operations in days before radio communication and advanced signalling systems made them mostly obsolete.

Learn more about class lights and how you can use them to add operations to your railroad in this new page.


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